No boring steel benches here! Our fleet of coffee carts and coffee trikes have been thoughtfully designed and built by hand. This means we can squeeze into tight spaces, run off the sun's rays and add custom signage panels. 

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For Melbourne's best coffee on three wheels, you can't go past a BeanTo trike. 

Our coffee trikes take up only two square metres of space, making trade non-intrusive and a valuable addition to any location.


Some don't even require external power or water and all waste is considerately disposed of off-site. 


Well hello beautiful. Our mobile coffee carts are the perfect addition to your special event. 

Sporting white finishes and machinery, our coffee carts can blend into the background or be the star of the show.


A minimalist design allows for maximum versatility, from glam weddings to corporate events with custom signage. 

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If wheels aren't your thing, we offer different stall packages so your guests can enjoy great service and coffee with a more low key look.  


Our coffee stalls are totally scalable; from a small station with filter coffee to a large cafe-style marquee.


This makes them suitable for everything from a simple office breakfast to a major event.