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Leasing empowers individuals, groups and small businesses to run their own show, alleviating the risk factor for those starting out, experimenting or needing a non-permanent mobile coffee solution. 

How does it work?

The operator leases the equipment they require from us, such as the machine, grinder, cart, tamps, jugs and so on. Additional stock, staffing or management support can also be accessed for an additional fee. 

What is the cost structure?

The operator pays a daily fee for the duration of the lease. We offer weekly, monthly and quarterly packages - the longer the term, the cheaper the rate. 

Who is this suited to?

  • Cafe operators looking to expand their brand with pop-ups at fetes, markets, festivals and beyond

  • Ambitious baristas looking to make come extra cash or have a crack at being their own boss

  • Venues, hotels, function centres looking to offer alternative beverage options on site

  • Other coffee cart operators needing additional resources

  • Anyone sick of the daily grind, wanting to branch out and try something new with an easy set up and ongoing support

What is the benefit?

By utilising access over ownership you alleviate any risk factor, plus you get to keep all that sweet cashola.  

Hit us up below if you have any questions or would like to give it a crack!

timber coffee cart and coffee equipment for hire
melbourne coffee trike for hire
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